About United Marine Products

United Marine Products is a manufacturing firm devoted to delivering quality fish products. Engulfed by the resplendent tranquility of the sea waves based in India; it is a company which has taken earnest and industrious efforts to harness the potentials of the marine life. Our organization ensures that all possibilities of contamination are obliterated as the plants are established near fishery harbours. All the aspects entailing the location of the plant are ideally selected.

After indulging in thorough scrutinisation, experimentation and development programs, we produce products of high quality thus setting a benchmark in the current market. The entire process corroborates a high nutritional value infused in the products. Our products prominently include fishmeal, fish oil, and fish soluble. Our creations are essentially piquant when concocted with the requisite ingredients; keeping in mind the exotic essence of the briny seas of the Arabian sea. We keep it at the forefront of our minds to prioritize the quality of the products while processing and packing. Our deliberate efforts are endeavours to exceed the client’s expectations.

We realize the significance of the sourcing of the raw material. Thus, ensuring that we maintain a reliable and transparent supply chain. Emphasis is also laid on the traceability of the sources. A well-managed source of raw material assists in developing strong business and eminence. We owe our success to our dependable sources of premium-grade raw materials.

Our firm also ensures that the employees involved in all the necessary procedures are adequately qualified and dexterous in their craft . We have sustained a regime that is conducive to maintaining hygiene standards of the products. This characteristic feature aids us in delivering safe food products to our clients and rendering them the maximal contentment. Our remarkable products comply with the quality policies, carving out a strong niche in the international market standards.

our Products

Our range of products includes the following three produces. From their procurement to their supply, we aim to ensure that their nutritional concentration remains high.

Quality Policy

United Marine Products focuses on producing and supplying quality fish meal products and fish oil. Besides following all the safety measures in the processing step, we ensure that our deliverables adhere to the globally prevalent quality standards. All the statutory and regulatory requirements are also taken care of. Furthermore, we value the expectations beheld by our customers and, therefore, put in a continuous effort to not only fulfil but also supersede these prospects.

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